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10 Pieces You Need While In Quarantining Mode

We hope you like these ideas. Quarantining can be so boring and we become easily restless and uncomfortable. Let see some pieces that can make our days at home just a bit more bearable

1.Comfy Underwear. You can't get comfy if your undies are bothering you too. you.https://kbtribeboutique.com/products/bul2-ym-32258-blt-id-40369

2.Lightweight Joggers Perfect for crushing those to do's and into the night to relax with a good show.



3.A Pretty Flowy Blouse   Wearing something nice can really change your mood. This top can even be worn with leggings. 



4.A sweater  Feels great and if you get the right look and fit it will look great while hanging at home.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        5.Jumpsuit with Pockets with it's a casual style helping you feel you so comfy and at ease when you've been couped up.

The pockets are for phone, healthy snacks and keys when you're ready to get out for some air.                                                                                                                                                                                     

6. A light colored hoodie sweat shirt Being in quarantine time doesn't mean drab-colored clothing. This hoodie is a light color to set the mood for the day.It also has pockets to keep your essentials near and a hoodie for a cozy feel.


7. A maxi dress Fancy or not these dresses are winners for us. You can slip them on and not worry about shaving the legs...um even more points for this one.


8. A waffle shirt dress It's lightweight style and cute style is nice while transitioning from comfy at home to coffee with your person. Wear them with your favorite jeans too.


9. Soft Pajamas like these make working at home fun. Soft fabric and waistband at the waist are nice when at your desk. Working at home has its perks, so use them.


10. A solid cami knit dress A great alternative for when you look at your leggings, jeans or that overstained tee. It's cute with the scallop trim,form-fitting but still ultra-comfortable when your getting stuff done.


Let's feel good in something while you're at home. You are also allowed to wear a cute dress once in a while. We need alll the pick me uppers while we are in the shelter in place situation


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Check out the rest of our website for more comfy clothing pieces. We have lots of comfy inventory to help you get through quarantine. 

Thanks for reading tribe! 

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