About Us @ KB Tribe Boutique

Hey - Jessica here!

Plain and simple. I have only one mission with this little online boutique ran be me and a our team. And that is: to inspire other women (and myself) to live their best life.

We want to help bring out the best boss, college student, mom, entrepreneur, any kind of woman that you are with uplifting fashion.

My life is nowhere near THERE yet. I make mistakes. I have had such a long journey with self love and believing in myself. (This list goes on.lol)

The point is - I absolutely don't have it all figured out yet. I never will but I will keep building my crazy,colorful and fun dreams and help women see how beautiful they are and show them that life is too short not to dress up and feel freaking cute!

I will certainly, never let that passion go.Never! Neither should you!

Things can be hard for us all. Failures, heartaches, and just life in general but this is what should drive us because why not? Listen and learn from it! (cliche I know but it's so true for us!)

Why not see if that idea is a go, start that company or wear that cute boho dress to buy bananas because you should feel amazing?

I do not know about you but here at Kb Tribe Boutique we just go for it and we learn along the way and we wear that cute dress or boss outfit!

We know too well how it feels when you get dressed for each day. It feels pretty damn good! We would love to provide that same beautiful feeling to you.

We thank you for supporting us through shares, shops and collaborating with us. Oh it’s so refreshing and super sweet to see women lifting up others.

This is what gets us all through and what keeps us creating an empowering place for you to shop beautiful fashions. We are here for you!

Lots of thanks and love to you tribe xoxo- From all of us at-KBTB