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Comfy but Stylish: 5 Outfits Ideas You Will Feel Dressed Up In

Casual comfy looks are nice but sometimes a look that's a bit more leveled up can feel so invigorating. You know what were talking about.

You will feel such a difference in your attitude and willingness to get stuff done.All it takes are key pieces to take you there.

Just a slight adjustment here and there and you are to on to feeling comfy but dressed enough to head to a meeting, work in the home office or tackle those to do's. So see our top 5 ideas to help you get those dressy casual outfits on check.

1. Style a simple maxi with a kimono.

Maxi dresses are such a great go-to. They can be elegant with heels or wedges. Or you can simply put on flats and a kimono cardi and a piece of jewelry and there you have it a comfy casual look.

2. A comfy tunic tops, jeans and printed boots.

A tunic top is so helpful. They come in so many shades, style cuts and patterns that evoke such a light and elegant look.

They really do change up that jean and t-shirt look. It can get so mundane and unmotivating. So pair a top and your best jeans with some cute snake print boots and you have a casual dressy look that speaks I love me and it's ok.

3. T-shirt dress with a thin belt and a statement piece of jewelry.

T-shirt dress is our newest obsession. I mean t-shirts? What is more comfier? Try a cute print for interest and then pair it with solid color booties and you have a look that does not say let's just chill and watch tv. No, this look will make you feel so cute and confident and in return, you will be ready for a quick coffee and a zoom meeting.

Note:you can try this look with lots of other loose-fitting dresses.

4. A ruffle adorned top with darker colored flared bottoms (jeans) or (trousers) 

A ruffle top is like a t-shirt but prettier. Buy a loose-fitting one. Makes for a comfier option. Pair it with flared pants with a dark shade for a dressier mood and wear your flats. This looks is femme but also comfy but dressy enough for datenight or even hanging at home and working on the blog or assignment due on Monday.

 5.A colorful party dress with a cozy cardigan 

What is more uplifting than digging out that party dress and putting it to some use.It's dressed up but we don't want it all dressy. So go ahead and pair it with a chunky cardigan and your comfy pumps, wedges or booties for a fun but most importantly comfy look. The dress is fun and a hint of fancy but the cardigan kinda tones it down keeps you warm and ready to uplift yourself at the company meet or just because it's Friday and you want to feel some type of pretty. Why not?


Dressy casual is the best of both fashion worlds.

              It can make you feel so much more you when having to dress up a bit. We are believers of fashion that have positive effects on your day, mood and life.

These ideas might just get you propelled for some changes you will love in your life. Anyone can give these a go.



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