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We Started KB Tribe Boutique Because....

Just like you we are customers to someone.We’ve shopped and felt like numbers waiting to be noticed.

We’ve been ignored on so many accounts and get clothing that just plain sucks.Not what we signed up for.

(rolls eyes) Oh how we know this.At times there were situations where we never received our clothes and left to take a loss in money! We would never let that happen.

So with this we decided to be not this, eveeer! We’ve been there! 

So instead we give you what you and all deserve.

  • We promise you beautiful timeless quality clothing just for you and your lifestyle, 
  • have a variety of sizes,
  • to be available for all your concerns and styling needs, give you extras because you choose to shop with us and so much more.
  • We promise to never become the type of company that gets so big we forget about who we serve and make us who we are. 

We are not perfect but we definitely learn from our mistakes and others.

As moms and style creators here at KB Tribe, we want to provide all of this to you because we know and appreciate you and never want to take that for granted.

So if you are in need of some amazing fashion and want to give us a try,join our FREE VIP today and get 25% just for trying us out.

Don't like your order, just message us to get a refund.We will make sure to take care of it.

Click here to take a look.

Best wishes and thanks for reading- Team KB Tribe Boutique

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